Methyl readers

Methyl-lysine readers belong to a group of epigenetic effector proteins “reading” post-translational modifications of histones.

Lysine methylation of histones plays important roles in regulating chromatin structure and thus epigenetic mechanisms. Methyl-lysine readers recognize and bind to methylated lysines on histones, where they regulate gene expression by recruiting or stabilizing chromatin complexes. 

The specific domains recognized by the methyl readers include chromodomains, PWWP, Tudor, Agenet, MBT, WDR5 repeats and plant
homeodomains (PHD).

Methyl-lysine reader proteins

Useful for:

Latest releases:

CBX1, GST-tag L3MBTL1, GST-tag UHRF1 (108-296), GST-tag
CBX2, GST-tag L3MBTL1, His-tag UHRF1 (108-296), His-tag
CDY1, GST-tag CHD2, GST-tag UHRF1 (2-793), His-Flag-tag


Assay Kits

The L3MBTL1 Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit allows measurement of the inhibition of L3MBTL1 binding to its methylated-peptide substrate. The kit comes in a convenient AlphaLISA® format, with enough biotinylated Histone peptide substrate, assay buffer, detection buffer and purified GST-tagged L3MBTL1 MBT domain to perform a total of 384 enzyme reactions.

The key to the kit is the specific binding of the L3MBTL1 MBT (Maligant Brain Tumor) domain to the methylated-peptide substrate. Only three simple steps on a microtiter plate are required to perform the test.

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Methyl-Lysine Inhibitor

UNC 1215 is a methyl-lysine inhibitor. UNC1215 has been shown to inhibit L3MBTL1 with an IC50 of 1.0 μM.









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