DNA Methylation

One of the key mechanisms in Epigenetics - DNA methylationleads to the addition of a methyl group to the cytosine of a CpG dinucleotide in DNA. DNA methylation modifies chromatin structure and stably alters gene expression without affecting the DNA sequence.

Below you will find the most extensive DNMT portfolio anywhere, including DNA methyltransferases (DNMT) enzymes, as well as chemiluminescent assay kits, and DNMT screening and profiling services.

We also offer a GCM™ bead-based method for fast enrichment of methylated DNA fragments from whole genome. The MethylAffinity™ Methylated DNA enrichment kit allows you to perform downstream analysis, such as RT-PCR, microarray and sequencing for methylation status and location studies.

DNMT complexes and individual enzymes

Active DNMT forms

DNMT 1, 2, 3A, and 3B enzymes are available, as well as DNMT3A/3L and DNMT3B/3L complexes, which are structurally similar to the native enzymes.

  Cat nr Size
DNMT1 (aa sequence 2-1632) 51101 10 µg
DNMT1 (aa sequence 500-end) 51100 10 µg
DNMT2 51102 10 µg
DNMT3A 51103 10 µg
DNMT3A/DNMT3L complex 51106 10 µg
DNMT3B/DNMT3L complex 51104 10 µg
DNMT3B (Mouse) 51105 10 µg


All DNMTs available

Find your DNMT in our complete list here

DNMT assays kits


How does it work?

These sensitive chemiluminescent assays utilize a highly specific antibody against
5-methylcytosine to detect the methylation of DNA substrate.

Choose your kit:

DNMT 1 Assay Kit

DNMT 3A Assay Kit

DNMT 3B Assay Kit

DNMT Universal Assay Kit (including DNMTs 1, 3A, 3B)

All the necessary reagents are included in the kit to measure DNMT activity in a convenient 96-well format.


DNA methyltransferase profiling service

In order to determine the IC50 values of your compounds of interest, just send us your compounds: the DNA methyltransferase assays are performed for you. The DNA methyltransferase panel includes 4 DNA methyltransferases.

If you would like to learn more about DNA methyltransferase profiling service, just get in contact with us.

Screening/profiling service is also available for Histone Methyltransferases, Histone Demethylases, HDACs.



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