HDAC & Sirt Assay kits

Histone Deacetylase activity measurement

Fluorescence detection assays in just a few steps!

The Fluorogenic HDAC Assay Kits are designed to measure Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) activity (from nuclear or cell extracts, immunoprecipitates containing HDAC activity or, purified HDAC enzyme for HDAC inhibitor testing).

HDAC activity measurement* Cat nr Sirtuin activity measurement Cat nr
HDAC Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50033 SIRT1 Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50081
HDAC Assay Kit, Fluorogenic (Green)
50034 SIRT2 Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50087
HDAC Class 2a Assay Kit 50041 SIRT3 Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50088
HDAC8 Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50068 SIRT5 Assay Kit, Fluorogenic 50085

* Non exhaustive list: From HDAC 1, 2... to HDAC 8, fluorogenic is available (cf link below)

Figure (right): Determination of the IC50 of SAHA on HDAC1 (Cat nr 50051), measured with the Fluorogenic HDAC Assay Kit (Cat nr 50033).

Kinetic assays

A Kinetic HDAC Assay Kit is a complete system designed to kinetically measure Histone Deacetylase activities for screening and profiling purposes.

Three kits are available for kinetic measurement of:

Components of kits are also available separately:

Outsourcing HDAC screening and profiling

Our HDAC screening & profiling lab services allow the determination of IC50 values of your compounds of interest on a large panel of HDAC activities (11 HDACs and 7 sirtuins currently available).
Looking for an efficient and reliable way to screen your compounds on HDACs activities?
Simply contact us, we will be pleased to discuss your projects.