miRNA and Epigenetics: convenient and innovative tools

Epigenetics - miRNA regulatory circuit

Some miRNA have been described to regulate the expression of key epigenetic factors such as HAT, HDAC, DNA methyltransferases and polycomb group genes. This "regulatory circuit" is made even more complex by the existence of a control of miRNA's activity by DNA methylation and histone post-translational modifications.

Such a complex epigenetic control network plays a role in the regulation of the expression of numerous genes involved in important physiological events. Its alteration has been shown in various pathological situations such as cancers.

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A few examples of Epigenetically-regulated miRNAs

let-7a-3 miR-107 miR-137 miR-199a-2
miR-1-1 miR-124-1 miR-148a miR-141
miR-9-1 miR-124-2 miR-152 miR-200a
miR-9-2 miR-124-3 miR-181a miR-203
miR-9-3 miR-126 miR-193a miR-342
miR-10a miR-127 miR-196a-2 miR-370
miR-34a miR-129-2 miR-196b miR-512-5p
miR-34b miR-132 miR-199a-1 miR-663

A few examples of miRNA controlling epigenetic factors

Target miRNA
EZH2 miR-26a, miR101, miR-214
Bmi1 miR-128, miR-203
YY1 miR-29b
HDAC1 miR-449
HDAC4 miR-1
DNMT3A miR-29
DNMT3B miR-29, miR-148
MeCP2 miR-132