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EpiCypher's EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Arrays 

EpiCypher's EpiGold™ Histone Peptide Arrays Workflow

EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Arrays are designed for rapid and high-throughput screening of effector protein, antibody and enzyme interactions with a comprehensive library of combinatorially-modified and biotinylated histone peptides immobilized on a streptavidin-coated glass slide.

These peptides encompass over 70 known modifications on the four core histones (H3H4H2A, and H2B) and several histone variants.

Each EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Array contains hundreds of histone peptides spotted 12 times each for high quality analysis of antibody, protein or enzyme binding. Extensive validation and purification of peptides is performed prior to histone peptide array printing to ensure the highest quality product for your studies.

The peptides are spotted using a patented process that incorporates a fluorescent tracer with each peptide to control for printing efficiency, eliminating the potential for false negative results

EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Array uses & benefits

All peptides are HPLC purified and analyzed by mass spectrometry prior to spotting, and are guaranteed full length. Each peptide is spotted 12 times on each array to allow for high quality analysis of protein or antibody binding. The fluorescent spotting tracer controls for printing efficiency and eliminates false negative results (QC tests are made for all of EpiCypler's products).
EpiCypher offers the only histone peptide array that can be analyzed using fluorescence scanning or standard ECL detection methods.

EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Array

EpiTitan Histone Peptide Array ver2
EpiTitan Histone Peptide Array ver2 (5 pack)
All the peptides spotted on the arrays can be purchased separately for further analysis.
Contact us about your peptide(s) of interest.
EpiCypher's Histone Peptide Array Data-Fluorescence
EpiGold Histone Peptide Array Fluorescent detection
Scan of an array used to detect the binding specificity of  Histone H3 K4Me3 Antibody (cat. nr. 23613-0004). The patented spotting tracer appears green, and H3 K4Me3 binding is shown in red. Since peptides on the array are spotted 12 times in sets of three (8 sets for each peptide), authentic binding events appear as three adjacent red dots, indicating that the antibody has bound all three of the same peptide in the set.
EpiCypher's Histone Peptide Array Data-ECL
EpiGold™ Histone Peptide Array Data-ECL

Scan of an array used to detect the binding specificity of  Histone H3 K4Me3 Antibody (cat. nr. 23613-0004).  ECL detection visualized by 30-second exposure to X-ray film.